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Responding to the pandemic

A huge number of emergency responders have been directly involved with the pandemic. But what impact has this had on their mental health and wellbeing? Dr Gini Harrison and Professor Graham Pike from the School contribute to a new report that highlights the pressures and needs of emergency responders: Read more about Gini Harrison's… Continue reading Responding to the pandemic

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Research and care under lockdown

Professor Sarah Crafter has published a short blog for her project ‘Children Caring on the Move’ (CCoM). In her blog she offers some personal reflections on the challenges of researching at the point of coronavirus lockdown and how ‘care’ was never more important. You can read Sarah's reflections here    

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Public reactions to COVID-19

Dr Jim Turner and Dr Lara Frumkin from the School consider psychological reactions to the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK, asking how far the current extraordinary situation resembles other major incidents, like terrorist attacks. They describe their new research project to investigate people's responses to COVID-19 and invite readers to participate in the study. Psychologists… Continue reading Public reactions to COVID-19