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An issue of ‘bad’ participant interviews

Marianna Latif is working on a PhD on migrant fatherhood and use of symbolic resources. In this week’s social psychology blog, she discusses a methodological issue related to participant interviews.  Interviewing in qualitative research is one of the most common way of gathering data. As a qualitative researcher you think carefully about what it is… Continue reading An issue of ‘bad’ participant interviews

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What do professors do all day?

Professor Paul Stenner leads the Culture and Social Psychology group in the School. This blog outlines some of his recent research activities, including the presentation of an international lecture and the publications of new chapters and articles.  This August, Paul Stenner (Professor of Social Psychology, OU) gave the ‘Innovations in Psychology Lecture’ at Aalborg University,… Continue reading What do professors do all day?

A Tutor's View

DD317 Advancing Social Psychology: A Tutor’s View

We continue our series in which Associate Lecturers introduce Psychology and Counselling modules that they tutor. Today's module is DD317 Advancing Social Psychology, introduced by Judith Horne. Hi. I'm Judith, and I've been tutoring Psychology modules for 12 years. I have been an Associate Lecturer on DD317 since it began in 2017. I consider myself… Continue reading DD317 Advancing Social Psychology: A Tutor’s View

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A sinister plan….

Are we being manipulated by a shady, secret enemy who is planning world domination? Or not? In this video, Dr Jovan Byford from the School of Psychology and Counselling introduces his research on conspiracy theories. https://www.bbc.com/ideas/videos/how-to-spot-a-conspiracy-theory/p07j9sjk?playlist=made-in-partnership-with-the-open-university You can also read about the research in module DD210 Living Psychology and in Dr Byford’s 2011 book Conspiracy… Continue reading A sinister plan….