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DD317 Advancing Social Psychology: A Tutor’s View

We continue our series in which Associate Lecturers introduce Psychology and Counselling modules that they tutor. Today's module is DD317 Advancing Social Psychology, introduced by Judith Horne. Hi. I'm Judith, and I've been tutoring Psychology modules for 12 years. I have been an Associate Lecturer on DD317 since it began in 2017. I consider myself… Continue reading DD317 Advancing Social Psychology: A Tutor’s View

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Commemoration and memory

The OU is celebrating its 50th birthday! This is of course a big event for everyone involved with the university. As the official message puts it, 'In our anniversary year, we will tell our story and create moments that inspire pride, unity and involvement.' This kind of commemoration is also of interest to psychologists, and especially social psychologists,… Continue reading Commemoration and memory

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Andrea Levy at the Open University

Stephanie Taylor reflects on the life of Andrea Levy on the DD317 blog. Andrea Levy who died last month, has been deservedly celebrated in a number of articles and obituaries. She is probably best known as the author of the prize-winning novel 'Small Island'. Open University students may also be aware that she received an… Continue reading Andrea Levy at the Open University

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Culture, art and a social psychological issue

A new BBC series on the arts of Oceania is a useful reminder of issues around culture and, perhaps less obviously, different theories about the nature of people. The Level 3 module Advancing social psychology (DD317) discusses culture, including the sometimes problematic assumptions that derive from classic psychological studies of 'other' people that were conducted… Continue reading Culture, art and a social psychological issue

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How new is fake news?

Is ‘fake news’ a feature of a contemporary ‘post truth’ society, or does it have a longer history? A new short film links the phenomenon back to the famous thinker Michel Foucault. In this week’s blog for Advancing social psychology (DD317), Professor Paul Stenner writes about the film, and about the influence of Foucault’s thinking… Continue reading How new is fake news?