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Become a research participant in a study of jurors’ decision-making

Drs James Munro, Lara Frumkin, Jim Turner and Lee Curley from the School are conducting research into how jurors in Scottish courtrooms make decisions. Would you like to participate in the study? Check the information and the link below. We are conducting a study into how individuals make decisions in Scottish courtrooms. As researchers we… Continue reading Become a research participant in a study of jurors’ decision-making

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School forensic research in the news

New research by academics in the School features in articles in The Times and The Scottish Legal News. Research by four of the School's academics, Drs Lee Curley, James Munro, Lara Frumkin and Jim Turner, is currently receiving high profile news coverage. The research surveyed Scottish lawyers to obtain their opinions on controversial features of… Continue reading School forensic research in the news

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Public reactions to COVID-19

Dr Jim Turner and Dr Lara Frumkin from the School consider psychological reactions to the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK, asking how far the current extraordinary situation resembles other major incidents, like terrorist attacks. They describe their new research project to investigate people's responses to COVID-19 and invite readers to participate in the study. Psychologists… Continue reading Public reactions to COVID-19