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Researching psychotherapy using questionnaires

What methodologies are appropriate in the development of new questionnaires in psychotherapy? Dr Gina Di Malta from the School of Psychology and Counselling is lead author of a new article that introduces an in-depth qualitative method called the Three-Step Test Interview (TSTI) in order to refine a psychometric test that can be used in large-scale… Continue reading Researching psychotherapy using questionnaires

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Autism, school education and teachers’ beliefs

Dr Helen Kaye from the School introduces a new article about research conducted in Indonesia. In a recent article, together with Kieron Sheehy, a Psychologist and Professor of Education in WELS, and two research colleagues, Dr Budiyanto and Khofidotur Rofiaha from the State University of Surabaya (UNESA) in East Java, I published findings on teachers’ beliefs about the… Continue reading Autism, school education and teachers’ beliefs

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Children bridging cultural worlds

Professor Sarah Crafter from the School writes about her recently published article on children who have to interpret and translate for their parents and peers.  A new article by Sarah Crafter and Humera Iqbal, The contact zone and dialogical positionalities in ‘non-normative’ childhoods: How children who language broker manage conflict, was drawn from data collected… Continue reading Children bridging cultural worlds

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Romantic love and cultural heterosexism

Do heterosexual people recognise the love experiences of gay and lesbian people? Professor Peter Hegarty from the School introduces recently published research that suggests some heterosexual people struggle to imagine romantic love between two men or two women. In 2015, a week before the same-sex marriage referendum in the Republic of Ireland, novelist Colm Toibin… Continue reading Romantic love and cultural heterosexism

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Drawing and mapping methods in psychological research

Dr Laura McGrath from the School writes about a new article titled Building visual worlds: Using maps in qualitative psychological research on affect and emotion. This article, by Laura McGrath, Shauna Mullarkey and Paula Reavey, was published in a special edition of the journal Qualitative Research in Psychology. The articles in the special edition, 'Feelings Affects and Emotions… Continue reading Drawing and mapping methods in psychological research