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Sex advice in The Conversation

Our Meg-John Barker had a piece published in The Conversation about their book  Mediated Intimacy: Sex Advice in Media Culture with Rosalind Gill and Laura Harvey. Five problematic sex messages perpetuated by advice manuals I can’t recommend reading over 60 sex advice manuals. I spent several months doing this and it results in a particular combination of sadness, anger and… Continue reading Sex advice in The Conversation

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Football, love and passion

In World Cup season, some of us are fully focused on football and some of us are ... not so much. In our social psychology blog, David Kaposi, a DD317 author and member of presentation team, reflects on the meanings of football, past and present, and why they might have changed. You can read the… Continue reading Football, love and passion

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New book: Creativity and Critique in Online Learning

Our Jean McAvoy has published a new edited book with Jacqueline Baxter and George Callaghan: 'Creativity and Critique in Online Learning: Exploring and Examining Innovations in Online Pedagogy'. The book: Analyses innovation in distance education stimulated by educational technology Examines the challenges faced by online teachers and designers of online materials, and Explores various core themes… Continue reading New book: Creativity and Critique in Online Learning