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The Covid 19 beach moment!

In a new online article, Dr Volker Patent from the School reflects on recent crowd events on British beaches and asks what psychology can tell us about what's been happening You can read about Volker Patent's work here    


A happy end to your module?

At the end of the academic year, some students will finish their modules with satisfaction, but others may feel a sense of incompleteness. Dr Jenny Lynden offers some advice. It’s the end the end of another academic year and many students who have been able to complete their module will be relieved that coursework has… Continue reading A happy end to your module?

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Time for change?

Paul Stenner considers recent events in Bristol and calls for more psychological research into time, and its political significance. Time – as a psychological experience - has always been political, but in recent weeks it has become political in a way that almost nobody can ignore. Bristol is well known to have been built to… Continue reading Time for change?

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They’re killing my participants!

Sue Nieland writes about an under-valued group of UK citizens, and the consequences of that undervaluing. I started my PhD last October with hope, excitement and some disbelief that, after so many years of collecting Masters degrees, I had the opportunity to join the elite group of postgraduate researchers within the OU. I knew it… Continue reading They’re killing my participants!