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Bottom up – how to tackle radicalisation with Lara Frumkin

Lara Frumkin did a podcast this week with Progress. How do we ‘combat extremism’? Radicalisation is an extremely complex issue, and its manifestations are rapidly changing. Conor Pope and Alison McGovern are joined by Lara Frumkin, senior lecturer in psychology at the Open University, who researches the psychology behind radicalisation. You can listen to the podcast here.      

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New free course: Making sense of ourselves

Psychology has a new free course available on OpenLearn: Making sense of ourselves. It introduces you to well-known psychological topics by asking and answering everyday questions, such as: Why don’t we like one another? Why would I hang around with you? Do you see what I see? What’s the point of childhood? You’ll learn how… Continue reading New free course: Making sense of ourselves