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Are you considering applying to do a PhD in psychology? – with additional information

As they launch the Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) studentship competition in Psychology, Dr. Simon Clarke and Prof Sarah Crafter, the pathway leads for the DTP, tell you a bit about how to apply for this year’s studentships (deadline 12/01/21). Are you considering applying for a PhD in psychology? Are you looking for funding? Would you like to study at… Continue reading Are you considering applying to do a PhD in psychology? – with additional information

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Children bridging cultural worlds

Professor Sarah Crafter from the School writes about her recently published article on children who have to interpret and translate for their parents and peers.  A new article by Sarah Crafter and Humera Iqbal, The contact zone and dialogical positionalities in ‘non-normative’ childhoods: How children who language broker manage conflict, was drawn from data collected… Continue reading Children bridging cultural worlds

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Psychology and Counselling study journeys – 2

We continue our new series on student journeys. This week we hear from Rain, a student on DE300 and E313. Tell us about you and your life situation Hey! This is Rain. I’m a 21-year-old Filipino, living in the Philippines. I’m an undergraduate student at the Open University, studying Psychology and I am already in… Continue reading Psychology and Counselling study journeys – 2

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School academics in radio election special

A BBC Radio Wales / BBC Sounds programme 'Vote for Me – The Science of Personality Politics' will be broadcast at 18.30 on Tuesday 3rd November and again at 5.30 on Wednesday 4th November. Dr Kesi Mahendran, a political psychologist who works on the dialogue between citizens and their governments  discusses the rise in populist… Continue reading School academics in radio election special

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Romantic love and cultural heterosexism

Do heterosexual people recognise the love experiences of gay and lesbian people? Professor Peter Hegarty from the School introduces recently published research that suggests some heterosexual people struggle to imagine romantic love between two men or two women. In 2015, a week before the same-sex marriage referendum in the Republic of Ireland, novelist Colm Toibin… Continue reading Romantic love and cultural heterosexism