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Summer in the School

Here is a look back to a post from this time last year. The same holds true. The summer month of August is traditionally a quiet month in universities, but the Open University is different and there is still a lot happening here in the School of Psychology & Counselling, and the Open Psychology Research… Continue reading Summer in the School

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A winter postcard from module D240 Exploring fear and sadness

We continue our series of winter postcards from Psychology and Counselling modules. Anastasia Economou, the Chair and Staff Tutor for D240 Exploring fear and sadness, writes about what's happening on this module, then looks ahead to its replacement, D241 Exploring mental health and counselling. Hello, I'm Anastasia Economou and I joined the School of Counselling… Continue reading A winter postcard from module D240 Exploring fear and sadness

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The D241 story so far

Andreas Vossler writes about the production of the School's new counselling and mental health module, D241, which starts in October 2020.  He also introduces the new Counselling blog website. Andreas is a Senior Lecturer in the School and Production Co-Chair for D241. You might have already heard that we are currently producing a new 60… Continue reading The D241 story so far

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DD310 Counselling and Forensic Psychology: A Tutor’s View

We continue our series in which Associate Lecturers introduce Psychology and Counselling modules that they tutor.  Hello, my name is Jill Harker and I’ve been tutoring on a variety of psychology modules for about twelve years now, having completed both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees with the Open University many moons ago!    I’m based in the… Continue reading DD310 Counselling and Forensic Psychology: A Tutor’s View