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New book launched: The psychology of sex

Our Meg-John Barker has just published a new book. The Psychology of Sex is part of the first wave of Routledge's exciting new Psychology of Everything series. In fact MJ's book was the first one of the series that was written, setting the tone for many of the rest which cover topics as diverse as… Continue reading New book launched: The psychology of sex

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OU education as a social project

Stephanie Taylor has blogged over on the DD317 Advancing social psychology blog about the ways in which Open University education can be regarded as a vital social project. In these times of uncertainty for the Open University this seems like an even more important topic than ever. Psychologists have always been closely engaged with the study… Continue reading OU education as a social project

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Psychological reflections on Black Mirror

We're proud to announce that Michelle Dodd, an OU undergraduate student, has had her review of Charlie Brooker's 'Black Mirror' published in The Psychologist. Very well done Michelle! The fourth season of standalone episodes starts, in true Black Mirror style, in the mind of Robert Daly, a shy, socially awkward chief of technology at a games company.… Continue reading Psychological reflections on Black Mirror

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A new book by Professor Paul Stenner

This week sees the publication of ‘Liminality and Experience: A transdisciplinarity approach to the psychosocial’, by Paul Stenner. Professor Steven Brown from the University of Leicester describes Stenner’s new book as a ‘landmark statement’ offering a ‘new vision’ of psychological experience as inseparable from our social and cultural worlds. Processor Tania Zittoun from the University… Continue reading A new book by Professor Paul Stenner