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Responding to the pandemic

A huge number of emergency responders have been directly involved with the pandemic. But what impact has this had on their mental health and wellbeing? Dr Gini Harrison and Professor Graham Pike from the School contribute to a new report that highlights the pressures and needs of emergency responders: Read more about Gini Harrison's… Continue reading Responding to the pandemic

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Using the eyes of eyewitnesses

Graham Pike and Camilla Elphick talk about recently published research on eyewitness identification and pupillometry.  Working out how many people are convicted of a crime they did not commit is difficult for a variety of reasons, but estimates suggest that the number of miscarriages of justice may be something like 7% (in Australia) or 11%… Continue reading Using the eyes of eyewitnesses

Psychology, Research in the School

Recognition for research by Professor Graham Pike and Dr Zoe Walkington

Graham Pike, Professor of Forensic Cognition, and Zoe Walkington, Senior Lecturer in Psychology,  in the School, have recently learned that their research has been shortlisted in the university’s Research Excellence awards. In today’s post, Professor Pike describes the research and explains its importance. Together with colleagues from the Faculty of Business and Law, Zoe and I… Continue reading Recognition for research by Professor Graham Pike and Dr Zoe Walkington