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Social media, gender and relationships

Social media practices are part of contemporary life, including family relationships. Dr Rose Capdevila and Dr Lisa Lazard from the School are part of an academic team who study Networking Families using a critical psychological perspective. You can read about the research on the Networking Families website.

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You Women’s Digital Lives event

Abigail Locke, Charlie Dann, Lisa Lazard, Rose Capdevila and Sandra Roper are holding a one day event on "Young Women's Digital Lives" (as part of a BPS Seminar Series "Locating gendered relationships in digital space") at The Open University in Camden on Monday the 25th of March 2019. Speakers include Dr Beth Bell (York St John University), Prof Ros Gill, and… Continue reading You Women’s Digital Lives event

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New course on gender identity

Open University Psychology have got together with gender charity Gendered Intelligence to put together this FutureLearn two week course about understanding gender identity. The course is a good starting point for any individual or organisation looking to increase their awareness of gender diversity, particularly trans identities. Ultimately, people taking the course will learn how to… Continue reading New course on gender identity

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New edition of relationship self-help book out

Our Meg-John Barker has published the second edition of their book Rewriting the Rules this year. Here's what they had to say about it for Psychology Today... There’s a lot of information out there about relationships, and much of it implies that when things aren’t working, you are the problem. Maybe it’s time to revise… Continue reading New edition of relationship self-help book out