Do you remember?

Can you trust your own memory? Academics from the School have developed this short film on memory, a topic covered in modules DE100, DE200, DE300 and DD310. You can see the film here


As we perceive it?

Professor Graham Pike was the academic consultant on this new BBC film about perception, one of the key psychology topics covered in the Investigating Psychology modules DE200 and DE300, and in Living Psychology DD210.

A Tutor's View

DE300 Investigating Psychology 3: A Tutor’s view

This week we start a new series in which Associate Lecturers introduce Psychology and Counselling modules that they tutor. We begin the series with the dissertation module DE300 Investigating Psychology 3. Hello there, I’m Sarah Howcutt.  I’m a former OU psychology student myself, having done a Postgraduate Conversion to psychology between 2005 and 2010.  So, I've known… Continue reading DE300 Investigating Psychology 3: A Tutor’s view