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How new is fake news?

Is ‘fake news’ a feature of a contemporary ‘post truth’ society, or does it have a longer history? A new short film links the phenomenon back to the famous thinker Michel Foucault. In this week’s blog for Advancing social psychology (DD317), Professor Paul Stenner writes about the film, and about the influence of Foucault’s thinking… Continue reading How new is fake news?

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A new book by Professor Paul Stenner

This week sees the publication of ‘Liminality and Experience: A transdisciplinarity approach to the psychosocial’, by Paul Stenner. Professor Steven Brown from the University of Leicester describes Stenner’s new book as a ‘landmark statement’ offering a ‘new vision’ of psychological experience as inseparable from our social and cultural worlds. Processor Tania Zittoun from the University… Continue reading A new book by Professor Paul Stenner