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Culture, art and a social psychological issue

A new BBC series on the arts of Oceania is a useful reminder of issues around culture and, perhaps less obviously, different theories about the nature of people. The Level 3 module Advancing social psychology (DD317) discusses culture, including the sometimes problematic assumptions that derive from classic psychological studies of 'other' people that were conducted… Continue reading Culture, art and a social psychological issue

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I read the news today… and watched tv

Over on the DD317 Advancing Social Psychology blog, Stephanie Taylor has posted about how social psychology can inform us on recent news stories, including the treatment of the Windrush generation, #MeToo, exam results, and the British Bake-Off. Check out the blog post here. These are just a few of the possible connections (a future blog… Continue reading I read the news today… and watched tv

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Feeling safe at home in a place where you belong?

In a new blog for the Level 3 module DD317 Advancing social psychology, Stephanie Taylor discusses social research about place and belonging. She considers the connections we draw between feeling at home and feeling safe. She suggests that these contribute to the continuing strong emotions around the Grenfell tower tragedy. You can read the blog… Continue reading Feeling safe at home in a place where you belong?

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Good criminal, bad criminal

Over on the Advancing social psychology (DD317) blog, a new post considers the relevance of a key psychological concept, the essential person, for a recent tv series about the new face of international crime. A recent BBC drama depicted the takeover of global crime networks by new 'Harvard-educated', business-focussed criminals. It was about how the graceless… Continue reading Good criminal, bad criminal