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Digital mothering

Recently our Dr. Lisa Lazard presented her research on digital mothering and the psychology of why parents upload photos of their children to social media at the OU Psychological Society conference (OUPS). Here's a pic of her presenting and some more information about her research in this area... Participation in online life has become increasingly a… Continue reading Digital mothering

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Past Voices and Present Voices: Feminists Making a POW in the Now

Over on the Psychology’s Feminist Voices blog, Katherine Hubbard has written a post about some work she's done with our Rose Capdevila about people’s engagement with the Psychology of Women Section (POWS) of the British Psychological Society - just recently renamed the Psychology of Women and Equalities Section (POWeS). One of the most wonderful things about Psychology’s Feminist Voices is its resurrection of the voices… Continue reading Past Voices and Present Voices: Feminists Making a POW in the Now

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New book on gender from OU Psychologist

Meg-John Barker's new book How to Understand Your Gender comes out today! Published by Jessica Kingsley and co-authored with psychotherapist Alex Iantaffi, this book attempts to make the psychology of gender accessible to everybody. The Open University CCIG kindly sponsored Julia Scheele's beautiful cover and illustrations throughout the book. The blurb for How To Understand Your Gender says...… Continue reading New book on gender from OU Psychologist