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Check out this amazing new poster for DD310 - Counselling and forensic psychology: investigating crime and therapy.  

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University Mental Health Day – March 1st 2018

The idea of a World Mental Day was introduced in 1992 by the World Federation for Mental Health and is now promoted annually and celebrated on the 10th October. It was initiated because of the felt need to promote education about mental health and break down the stigma that so often attaches to mental ill-health.… Continue reading University Mental Health Day – March 1st 2018

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A great day recording for DD310

Catriona Havard writes... A great day recording for DD310 This morning I went to a sound studio in London to record a round table discussion, for an audio to be used as a resource for DD310. The plan for the audio was to complement the first chapter in our module textbook Mad or Bad: A… Continue reading A great day recording for DD310