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The D241 story so far

Andreas Vossler writes about the production of the School’s new counselling and mental health module, D241, which starts in October 2020.  He also introduces the new Counselling blog website. Andreas is a Senior Lecturer in the School and Production Co-Chair for D241.


You might have already heard that we are currently producing a new 60 credit level 2 module in the School that will replace and extend the current module D240 Counselling: Exploring Fear and Sadness. The module will be called D241 Exploring mental health and counselling’and students can study this module from October 2020 onwards. I am chairing the production of this new module, together with my co-chairs Dr Naomi Moller and Dr David Jones.

D241 Exploring Mental Health and Counsellingwill locate counselling within the broader field of mental health and provide a comprehensive introduction to the often controversial debates around mental health/illness and the main theories and practices in counselling. The module will critically examine the definitions and understandings of mental health issues and the ways they are treated in related fields of practice, especially in counselling and psychotherapy. It will present students with recent theoretical debates and contemporary international research to inform and help them to develop a critical understanding of the themes and issues related to mental health and counselling.

What you might not know is that the D241 module production team decided at the beginning of the module production last year to set up an externally-facing blog website to inform the D241 production process. This blog website is called ‘Counselling at the Open University’ and can be found here: 

One intention with this blog website is to engage current and future students in the production of D241. The site will provide updates on the ‘D241 story’ and production process (under ‘production blog’), and sections for service user involvement, employer and students. The ‘student section’ includes a link to the student forum we hosted and moderated last June in order to give students a say in the module production. The forum is now locked but the posts and tread discussions are still available for OU Psychology and Counselling students to read other aim of the blog website is to introduce the OU academics in this area and provide an overview of counselling and psychotherapy teaching and research at the OU.  

To find out more about the D241 story and ‘Counselling at the Open University’ – please click here

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