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Turning a dissertation project into a refereed journal article!

A new article published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology is of special interest to the School. 'Community cohesion during the first peak of the COVID-19 pandemic' is based on Sarah Jane Svensson's dissertation project for module DE300 Investigating Psychology 3. The article is co-authored by Sarah and her former tutor, Stamatis Elntib, who supervised her DE300 dissertation.… Continue reading Turning a dissertation project into a refereed journal article!

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School academic on Radio 5 Live

Dr Jovan Byford talks about the rise in fake news and conspiracy theories as surveys suggest that these have increased during the pandemic. Listen to the programme here: Read about Jovan Byford's work here

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Responding to the pandemic

A huge number of emergency responders have been directly involved with the pandemic. But what impact has this had on their mental health and wellbeing? Dr Gini Harrison and Professor Graham Pike from the School contribute to a new report that highlights the pressures and needs of emergency responders: Read more about Gini Harrison's… Continue reading Responding to the pandemic