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Summer in the School

Here is a look back to a post from this time last year. The same holds true. The summer month of August is traditionally a quiet month in universities, but the Open University is different and there is still a lot happening here in the School of Psychology & Counselling, and the Open Psychology Research… Continue reading Summer in the School

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Freud and sexuality

In a new article, David Kaposi from the School explores a little known but highly important paper on sexuality by Sigmund Freud. Shall we talk about sex? I can see you are blushing. I am blushing too. Yes, sex seems to be everywhere these days. We cannot go on with our daily lives for long… Continue reading Freud and sexuality

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Sex advice in The Conversation

Our Meg-John Barker had a piece published in The Conversation about their book  Mediated Intimacy: Sex Advice in Media Culture with Rosalind Gill and Laura Harvey. Five problematic sex messages perpetuated by advice manuals I can’t recommend reading over 60 sex advice manuals. I spent several months doing this and it results in a particular combination of sadness, anger and… Continue reading Sex advice in The Conversation

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New Book: Mediated Intimacy – Sex Advice in Media Culture

Last month Meg-John Barker launched a new academic book with Prof Rosalind Gill and Dr Laura Harvey. The book, Mediated Intimacy, is a study of sex advice across all kinds of media including blogs, zines, sex manuals, reality TV, apps, and problem pages. Get your copy of the book here. For more information, here is the… Continue reading New Book: Mediated Intimacy – Sex Advice in Media Culture

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New book launched: The psychology of sex

Our Meg-John Barker has just published a new book. The Psychology of Sex is part of the first wave of Routledge's exciting new Psychology of Everything series. In fact MJ's book was the first one of the series that was written, setting the tone for many of the rest which cover topics as diverse as… Continue reading New book launched: The psychology of sex