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Summer in the School

Here is a look back to a post from this time last year. The same holds true. The summer month of August is traditionally a quiet month in universities, but the Open University is different and there is still a lot happening here in the School of Psychology & Counselling, and the Open Psychology Research… Continue reading Summer in the School

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School forensic research in the news

New research by academics in the School features in articles in The Times and The Scottish Legal News. Research by four of the School's academics, Drs Lee Curley, James Munro, Lara Frumkin and Jim Turner, is currently receiving high profile news coverage. The research surveyed Scottish lawyers to obtain their opinions on controversial features of… Continue reading School forensic research in the news

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Bias against witnesses?

Are all witnesses equal, or are some given more attention because of how they sound, and look? In new, highly topical research, Lara Frumkin and Anna Stone used mock witness statements and showed they are received differently depending on the witness's accent, age - and race. Is justice blind? Criminal trials should be based on… Continue reading Bias against witnesses?

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A winter postcard from DD802 Investigating Forensic Psychology

We continue our series of winter postcards from the School's modules, written by the academics who work mostly closely with students and tutors, the Staff Tutors. Today Mark Smith writes from DD802, a second-level postgraduate module in forensic psychology. What’s happening at the moment on DD802? Having already completed the first-year module DD801, students on… Continue reading A winter postcard from DD802 Investigating Forensic Psychology

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NEW TV SERIES Catching Britain’s Killers: The Crimes That Changed Us

Are you interested in crime, and criminals? Want to know more about landmark cases in Britain’s history which have changed laws and criminal justice processes? Watch this new tv series Catching Britain’s killers: the crimes that changed us 9th October BBC2 9pm (11.15pm BBC2 Wales) The academic advisors for this series were Dr Zoe Walkington from… Continue reading NEW TV SERIES Catching Britain’s Killers: The Crimes That Changed Us