Research in the School

How do digital devices impact on relationships? Take part in a survey

Two researchers in the School of Psychology and Counselling, Andreas Vossler and Naomi Moller, are investigating the impact of digital devices on relationships.


If you are interested in taking part in their research, please follow the link below to find out more and access the survey.

If you decide to participate, you can enter a draw to win £100 of shopping vouchers. 

Who are the researchers and what is the research about?

We are Dr Naomi Moller and Dr Andreas Vossler, both Senior Lecturers in the School of Psychology at the Open University.

We are collecting data for a project focused on understandings the impact of smart phones, tablets and personal computers on people in committed romantic and sexual relationships.

What does participation involve?

You are invited to complete a survey about your relationship, how you use smart phones, tablets and personal computers, and what impact you think these technologies have on your relationship. You will also be asked to answer some demographic questions to help us find out about the range of people taking part in the research. Before you start completing the story you need to complete a consent form, to confirm that you agree to participate.

Who can participate?

Anyone over the age of 18 who is in a committed romantic/sexual relationship and interested in taking part.

How will the data be used?

The information collected in this research project will be processed by the researchers. We will hold your data securely in password protected files on a secure server for a period of 10 years after data analysis, in line with Open University policies.

The data will be anonymised (i.e. any information that can identify you will be removed) and used in our research. This means that extracts from the data may be quoted in any publications and conference presentations arising from the research. The demographic data for all of the participants will be compiled into a table and reported in any publications or presentations arising from the research.

How do I withdraw from the research?

If you decide you want to withdraw from the research after completing the study – please email Naomi ( quoting the unique participant code you’ll be asked to create before completing the survey. Please note that there are certain points beyond which it will be impossible to withdraw from the research – for instance, when we have published papers reporting our analysis of the data. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to contact us within a month of participation if you wish to withdraw your data. We’d like to emphasize that participation in this research is voluntary and all information provided is anonymous.

While the risk is low, it is possible that participating in this research may make you remember or think about things that are upsetting. For this reason, we have provided information about some of the different resources which are available to you at the end of the study.

To take part: Click below to access the consent form for this study.

This research project has been reviewed by, and received a favourable opinion, from the OU Human Research Ethics Committee – HREC.  


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