Gender Equitable Interactions Online (GEiO)- Funding Success

Congratulations to our psychology academics Dr Lisa Lazard and Professor Rose Capdevila for their funding success from ESRC/CHANSE for their project: ‘Gender Equitable Interactions Online (GEiO): Supporting gender equity in work-based videoconferencing’ of £1.22mIn and securing over half a million for the OU.

The GEiO project takes an innovative multi-method approach to explore how gendered, intersectionally shaped, power dynamics are manifested in digitally mediated work relations in online group meetings. This project draws on interdisciplinary excellence across four international teams (Britain, Germany, Iceland and Spain), building on and extending previous work that has demonstrated the negative consequences of gender inequality on working lives.

This project extends this research base to focus on the accelerated rise in virtual working during Covid-19 which looks set to continue into the future for many organisations. A key aim is to build new transnational evidence on the currently unexplored ways in which digital videoconferencing innovations can be used to support or resist gender inequality at work.

The research findings will provide a firm basis for knowledge exchange with private sector organisations and will be used to develop evidence-based training and policy that better respond to the needs of those who have experienced gendered discrimination in a digital work context. An accredited micro credential training course on gender equitable interactions online will be produced and translated into the languages used in each of the partner locations.

Look out for further information, coming soon!

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