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Beyond Milgram: Towards a Theory of Implicit Violence

Stanley Milgram’s notorious experiments on “obedience to authority” have for six decades posed a riddle for us. In this talk, Dr David Kaposi seeks to find the key to them by focusing on the smallest of phrases used by the experimenter: “Please continue?” The seemingly innocuous phrase has been used vastly more frequently and successful… Continue reading Beyond Milgram: Towards a Theory of Implicit Violence

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Re-assessing the Milgram experiments

Stanley Milgram's obedience experiments are famous, and notorious - every psychology student has heard of them. Yet the significance of the experiments continues to be debated. Dr David Kaposi from the School of Psychology and Counselling has just published a new article re-assessing the experiments. The article, in the British Journal of Social Psychology, is titled… Continue reading Re-assessing the Milgram experiments