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From Police interviewing to parliamentary consultant – learn about the fascinating work opportunities for those with a social psychology qualification #Q83 social psychology.  

Psychology, Social Psychology

The state of the NHS: a social psychological view

As we celebrate the 70th birthday of the NHS, Stephanie Taylor has been watching TV programmes about health. She considers some of the issues confronting the health service and the health of the UK more generally. Are we taking enough care of ourselves? Could we manage without a national health service? Is the NHS a support… Continue reading The state of the NHS: a social psychological view

Psychology, Social Psychology

Football, love and passion

In World Cup season, some of us are fully focused on football and some of us are ... not so much. In our social psychology blog, David Kaposi, a DD317 author and member of presentation team, reflects on the meanings of football, past and present, and why they might have changed. You can read the… Continue reading Football, love and passion

Psychology, Social Psychology

Feeling safe at home in a place where you belong?

In a new blog for the Level 3 module DD317 Advancing social psychology, Stephanie Taylor discusses social research about place and belonging. She considers the connections we draw between feeling at home and feeling safe. She suggests that these contribute to the continuing strong emotions around the Grenfell tower tragedy. You can read the blog… Continue reading Feeling safe at home in a place where you belong?

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CUSP Launch

You are cordially invited to the launch of Culture and Social Psychology (CUSP), a new research nexus stemming from the Open University’s School of Psychology. Alongside director Professor Paul Stenner’s introduction, the launch event will feature talks by Professor Lynne Segal (Birkbeck) and Professor Peter Hegarty (University of Surrey). The event will take place on… Continue reading CUSP Launch