Chatbot vs. person: Research on human-machine interaction

Dr Jenny Lynden, a Staff Tutor in the School, has been researching human-machine interaction. In a recent article in the journal Discourse, Context & Media, Jenny, together with a colleague from the University of Surrey and designers from a chatbot company, AMO, published findings from their research. They used a microlevel sociolinguistic analysis to understand how… Continue reading Chatbot vs. person: Research on human-machine interaction

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A happy end to your module?

At the end of the academic year, some students will finish their modules with satisfaction, but others may feel a sense of incompleteness. Dr Jenny Lynden offers some advice. It’s the end the end of another academic year and many students who have been able to complete their module will be relieved that coursework has… Continue reading A happy end to your module?

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Veterinary science and health psychology

Dr Jenny Lynden is a Staff Tutor in the School of Psychology and Counselling. She describes a seminar for veterinary students that drew on psychology and neuroscience to understand wellbeing in a veterinary context. On Saturday 23rd November Open University Staff Tutor and Health Psychologist, Dr Jenny Lynden, co-facilitated a day-long online seminar for over 50… Continue reading Veterinary science and health psychology