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The lie of the future?

A current exhibition at Milton Keynes Gallery looks at the founding of the city in which the OU is located. Some of the issues raised by the exhibition, about past visions of the future, link to novelty and the classic concept of 'emergence', the focus of a seminar organised by the Culture and Social Psychology… Continue reading The lie of the future?

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Emergence: A CuSP Meeting in Collaboration with UEL

CUSP Seminar on 29th March 2019 - sign up here. Despite being a major theme across the sciences, emergence itself has not been a central¬†concept in social psychological theory. This is surprising given how important the concept was within the social psychology of one of the discipline‚Äôs founders, G.H.Mead. Mead (1932/1980, p.23) defined emergence as… Continue reading Emergence: A CuSP Meeting in Collaboration with UEL