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Good criminal, bad criminal

Over on the Advancing social psychology (DD317) blog, a new post considers the relevance of a key psychological concept, the essential person, for a recent tv series about the new face of international crime. A recent BBC drama depicted the takeover of global crime networks by new 'Harvard-educated', business-focussed criminals. It was about how the graceless… Continue reading Good criminal, bad criminal

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Written In Blood: OU Psychologists on Catching Criminals

On Sunday night, the CBS show 'Written in Blood' includes material from our forensic psychology team. In this television series crime fiction authors explore the real life crimes which influenced them to write their novels. This episode focuses on “The Rotherham Shoe Rapist” and includes material on photofit psychology which our team helped them with. If you're interested… Continue reading Written In Blood: OU Psychologists on Catching Criminals