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Emergence: A CuSP Meeting in Collaboration with UEL

CUSP Seminar on 29th March 2019 - sign up here. Despite being a major theme across the sciences, emergence itself has not been a central concept in social psychological theory. This is surprising given how important the concept was within the social psychology of one of the discipline’s founders, G.H.Mead. Mead (1932/1980, p.23) defined emergence as… Continue reading Emergence: A CuSP Meeting in Collaboration with UEL

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You Women’s Digital Lives event

Abigail Locke, Charlie Dann, Lisa Lazard, Rose Capdevila and Sandra Roper are holding a one day event on "Young Women's Digital Lives" (as part of a BPS Seminar Series "Locating gendered relationships in digital space") at The Open University in Camden on Monday the 25th of March 2019. Speakers include Dr Beth Bell (York St John University), Prof Ros Gill, and… Continue reading You Women’s Digital Lives event

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Funding for Child Migrant Research

Dr Sarah Crafter from the Open University has been awarded just under £1 million from the ESRC to undertake a research project on the care of separated child migrants. Dr Crafter, who has been at the Open University since 2017 is a cultural-development psychology interested in how the experience of migration might impact on children… Continue reading Funding for Child Migrant Research