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Citizenship under Covid-19

As the pandemic proceeds, the first academic research on its effects is being published. Social psychologist Dr Eleni Andreouli writes about how the Covid-19 experience has changed UK political discourse and models of citizenship. Covid-19 has certainly altered the fundamentals of the way we live our lives. For the most part, the ‘science’ of Covid-19… Continue reading Citizenship under Covid-19

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Brief reflections on a royal death

There have been criticisms of the excessive media coverage of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. Professor Stephanie Taylor risks adding to the discussion with some reflections linked to discursive and narrative psychology. The British royal family can be categorised as celebrities, but of a particular kind. The social psychologist Michael Billig wrote a… Continue reading Brief reflections on a royal death

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School academic interviewed for International Women’s Day

Dr Rose Capdevila is Chair of the BPS Psychology of Women & Equalities Section (POWES). She was interviewed for International Women’s Day. Read the interview here Read about Rose Capdevila here

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Is psychology a science?

Is psychology a science? This question is less straightforward than it might first seem. It has been discussed by numerous theorists. This month, the question was the focus of a seminar for CuSP, the Culture and Social Psychology research group. As part of his contribution to the seminar, Prof. Paul Stenner writes about some of… Continue reading Is psychology a science?

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The psychology of possibilities and potentials?

A new encyclopedia presents writing from psychologists and social scientists on ‘the Possible’. Prof. Paul Stenner from the School has written an entry with Prof. Tania Zittoun (University of Neuchatel, Switzerland), about the British psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott. The entry discusses Winnicott’s notion of a ‘potential space’. Here, Prof. Stenner introduces the entry. The idea of… Continue reading The psychology of possibilities and potentials?