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Launching CUSP!

On 15 June we will launch an exciting new research centre at the School of Psychology: Culture and Social Psychology (CUSP). CUSP has been formed as a much enhanced successor of the Social Psychology Group (SPRG) formation and will built on the School's long0standing and unique tradition of (critical) social psychology. Please see the invite… Continue reading Launching CUSP!

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Liminality and experience

The Social Psychology Research Group (SPRG) had its first gathering of the year. As usual, we discussed the output of a colleague: Professor Paul Stenner’s forthcoming book Liminality and Experience - A Transdisciplinary Approach to the Psychosocial. The book discusses essential issues at the core of the discipline; in fact, it poses the very question… Continue reading Liminality and experience

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Borderline personality – a ‘disorder’ for our times?

The School of Psychology’s Social Psychology Research Group (aka SPRG) met for the third time this academic year and discussed an intriguing project of our colleague Dr David Jones. The discussion was around the topic of "Borderline Personality Disorder" and its  more and more frequent presence as both a diagnosis and a cultural phenomenon. The… Continue reading Borderline personality – a ‘disorder’ for our times?