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Energetic Openings: Intersectional Psychology and Social Justice Trajectories

CuSP Strand Lead Professor Stephanie Taylor introduces Professor Ann Phoenix (University College, London), followed by Ann’s talk and commentaries from Dr Johanna Motzkau and Dr Jovan Byford (The OU) and Q&A session.

In recent years, the international psychotherapy field has seen an increasing recognition of the role that client preferences play in the psychotherapy decision-making process.  Research shows that preference accommodation is associated with reduced dropout and improved outcome. Yet, processes by which this happens—and how preference accommodation can be best applied in clinical practice—have not been established.  The aim of this research is to conduct the first in-depth, qualitative investigation into client experiences of, and perspectives on, preferences in therapy. Through this research, we want to develop guidelines for working with client preferences to support counselling and psychologist practitioners.

Watch the video here:

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