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Completing an MSc Psychology at the Open University

The MSc in Psychology has just two modules: 

DD801 Principles of social and psychological inquiry (60 credits)

DD803 Evaluating psychology research and practice (120 credits)

After completing DD801 in June (or a previous year), students can take a break before starting DD803 in October. They will then immerse themselves in the study of recent research in social, counselling, forensic and cognitive psychology. The topics covered include expertise, leadership, evidence-led policing, witness interviewing, child sexual abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual harassment, infidelity and monogamy, segregation and desegregation, motherhood, and research on counselling and psychotherapy. There is also substantial coverage of the evaluation of research, including discussion of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. 

The assessment for this part of the module is varied but leads forward to the main dissertation project. In the second half of the module, students search out academic literature to address their chosen research question, then develop new materials to communicate with non-academic audiences. This work is demanding but very satisfying. Previous students described their pride in completing DD803 and their satisfaction with their achievement.

For more information about DD803, go to          

You can also watch this video

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