Psychology and Counselling research centre

The Open Psychology Research Centre has now been launched!

Thank you to the many people who attended the successful launch!

The Open Psychology research centre was officially opened on Tuesday 6th July by the OU Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Tim Blackman, and the FASS Executive Dean, Prof. Ian Fribbance. To mark launch day, we had keynote lectures from Prof. Ann Phoenix, Prof. Helen Spandler and Prof. Laurence Alison, followed by discussion. It was a great day!

Over the six days of the launch programme, there were presentations and discussions from School academics about their research. Recordings of all of these will be placed on the research centre website later this month. We’ll keep you updated on progress. Meanwhile, you can check the website immediately for 

  • introductions to our three research groups, CuSP, PHeW and FCRG, with videos about each group
  • news about research projects, publications and people in the School
  • recorded interviews and discussions in which School academics talk to colleagues and associates from other universities
  • information about doctoral research in the School.

Check the website here OPRe Centre Website

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