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Cultural and social psychology in the real world: a conversation

What role do cultural and social psychology play in tackling real-world issues, such as post-conflict reconciliation, community resilience in face of crises and broader global challenges such as those posed by the Covid-19 pandemic?

In this video, Dr Sandra Obradovic (OU) is joined by Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch (London School of Economics) and Dr Maria Cecilia Dedios (Los Andes University, Colombia) to discuss some of these questions. We discuss what made these academics interested in cultural psychology as a discipline, how insights from cultural psychology have been used in their own applied work in Colombia, and the role the discipline can play in tackling the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. The discussion serves as a good insight into what cultural psychology is, and how it can be used for social good.

This interview is part of the pre-launch programme for the Open Psychology research centre. Read more about the programme and register (free) here:

OPRe Centre event page 

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