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Psychology research and counter-terrorism: an interview with Prof. Andrew Silke

Dr Lara Frumkin from the Forensic Cognition Research Group conducts an interview on psychology research and counter-terrorism as part of the pre-launch programme for the Open Psychology research centre.

In this video-recorded interview, Professor Andrew Silke, Professor of Terrorism, Risk and Resilience at Cranfield University, discusses his work on counter-terrorism.  He speaks with Dr. Lara Frumkin on how his research was initially in a fringe area for psychologists and how when working with government, Andrew focused more on organised crime than counter-terrorism.  The transition of radicalisation and counter-terrorism from the sidelines of academic research and government work to a core topic occurred rapidly. For Andrew, developing an understanding of how to work with government by applying and being open to using psychological research in an action oriented sphere defines much of his work.

Watch the interview here

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