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DE300 students win British Psychological Society prizes

Two of the School’s students were awarded Tony Gale Undergraduate Dissertation Prizes by the British Psychological Society Wessex Branch. Amy Brownlie and Malgorzata Dzielak were students on the Psychology & Counselling undergraduate dissertation module DE300 Investigating Psychology 3 in the presentation that started November 2019. The awards that they won are presented for the best undergraduate dissertations at BPS-accredited universities in Wessex. Amy’s dissertation was entitled Personality traits and social media use as predictors of wellbeing: A survey of adults in the UK and Malgorzata’s was The romance of darkness: The association between the dark tetrad of personality and self-efficacy in romantic relationships in subclinical adult population. Congratulations to both students and of course to the Associate Lecturers who supervised them: Dr Sylvie Serpell and Dr Stephanie Bennett.

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