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The Psychology of Face Perception

Dr Sarah Laurence, a Lecturer in the School, interviews Professor Cathy Mondloch, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Face Perception Lab at Brock University, Canada.

Professor Mondloch is an expert on the Psychology of Face Perception. She explains the importance of face recognition in real world settings, such as the difficulties faced by people with poor face recognition ability and how errors in unfamiliar face recognition can have implications for national security. Cathy highlights the latest developments in the field, including the role that experience plays in our ability to recognise faces. For example, the experience we have during infancy and childhood seems to play an important role in the development of face recognition. In the final part of the interview Cathy highlights directions for future research and how psychologists can make their work open and work alongside other disciplines to address the issues.  

Professor Mondloch’s research interests are closely aligned with the Forensic Cognition Research Group (FCRG) in the School.  

Watch the interview here:

This interview is part of the advance programme for the School’s new research centre. Read about the full programme and register (free) to attend here: OPRe Centre event page 

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