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Social psychology, the Internet and young people’s lives today: An interview with Sonia Livingstone

Prof. Paul Stenner from the School interviews Prof. Sonia Livingstone, Professor of Social Psychology at the London School of Economics.  

Watch the interview here:

Opening Psychology for Changing Times | Open Psychology Research Centre

Prof. Livingstone’s research focuses on the Psychology of Media, including children, media and the internet. Talking with Paul Stenner, she discusses the importance of these topics for social psychology. She explains why, in her view, internet access is now an essential part of society’s infrastructure, and young people’s relationship with the internet is not as negative as it is often depicted to be.

Prof. Livingstone’s research interests align closely with the Culture and Social Psychology (CuSP) research strand in the School.

This interview is part of the lead up to the Opening Psychology research centre launch. Read more about the research centre and the launch here  OPRe Centre Website and register free to attend other presentations.

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