Modules under lockdown

Modules under lockdown (3): DD803 Evaluating Psychology: Research and Practice

Recent posts have reported on how lockdown is affecting some of the Level 1 and Level 2 modules in the School. At the other end of the study programme, students on DD803 Evaluating Psychology: Research and Practice are working towards an MSc in Psychology. 

This qualification consists of just two modules. The first, DD801, introduces students to postgraduate study in psychology. DD803 is the second module and it is nearly double-length, extending for more than 47 weeks. In its first part, students are introduced to current research in social, counselling, forensic and cognitive psychology. They read extensively and consider the impact and applications of psychology research. They develop an awareness of the potential audiences for psychology research and study the different research methods adopted by psychologists. They also learn to evaluate and critique psychology research. In the second part of DD803 they write a two-part dissertation that requires them to develop and address their own research question, critically review recent published research and prepare outputs for academic and non-academic audiences.

The MSc Psychology was taught entirely online even before pandemic restrictions, so in some respects DD803 might appear to have been affected less than some other modules in the School. However that would be a superficial view. The module team, tutors and students have all been struggling with the same pressures as everyone else: from being confined at home, missing social contacts, and in some cases of course the much more serious issues of illness and bereavement. Nevertheless, DD803 students have persisted with their studies. They will soon be looking towards their dissertations,  choosing the research topic that they want to investigate and the question(s) they want to address. The whole module takes a break over Easter – a necessary breather in its long study programme. Staff and students will all be hoping to recharge before the next phase of this stimulating, challenging and ultimately very rewarding module.

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