An update on recent posts

Check that you haven’t missed these recent posts on the blog for the School of Psychology & Counselling:

Some discussions of the big questions of psychology

The psychology of possibilities and potentials?

Psychology and history: CUSP viewpoints

Is psychology a science?

The School’s research in the news

Non-verbal communication increases with lie difficulty

School forensic research in the news

Lockdown and the pressure on carers, and others

Lessons from lockdown: The contributions of behavioural science

Pre-natal mental health during Covid-19

Informal carers and physical activity

Are you an OU student and a carer?

Compassion is for self and not just for others

Other timely reflections

New challenges, old pains: A note on research at the beginning of LGBT+ History Month

And more on the School and the issues that concern its researchers

Announcing the School’s new research centre!

Opinion, science and the fragility of democracy

What do we think about people who vote differently to us?

Using WhatsApp for qualitative research

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