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School forensic research in the news

New research by academics in the School features in articles in The Times and The Scottish Legal News.

Research by four of the School’s academics, Drs Lee Curley, James Munro, Lara Frumkin and Jim Turner, is currently receiving high profile news coverage. The research surveyed Scottish lawyers to obtain their opinions on controversial features of the Scottish legal system. The system currently recognises three verdicts. Scottish courts can deliver a verdict of ‘guilty’, ‘not guilty’ or ‘not proven’. The research found that the lawyers favoured, instead, a binary system of ‘proven’/’not proven’ although their second preference would be for the current three verdicts and their third for ‘guilty’/’not guilty’ (as in the Anglo-American legal system).

The research also found that the lawyers favoured the current Scottish jury size of 15 (not 12, as in the English system).

You can read the Scottish Legal News article here

Readers with access to the The Times newspaper can read another article here

Read about Lee Curley here

Read about James Munro here

Read about Lara Frumkin here

Read about Jim Turner here


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