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Informal carers and physical activity

Dr Jo Horne is co-author of a new article on informal carers and their access to physical activity. What are the barriers that limit or prevent carers engaging in physical activity, and what factors might facilitate their engagement? Dr Jo Horne, a Staff Tutor in the School, has recently published an article in collaboration with… Continue reading Informal carers and physical activity

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Psychology and history: CuSP viewpoints

In recent meetings, the Culture and Social Psychology group have been revisiting some of the ‘big debates’ within the psychology discipline. In December 2020, at the invitation of Sebastian Bartos, members discussed the relevance of history to psychology.  Psychology and history have an awkward relationship. Most students will be taught about the history of the… Continue reading Psychology and history: CuSP viewpoints

Psychology, Research in the School

Nonverbal coordination increases with lie difficulty

The Times and the New Scientist have recently published articles about a research paper entitled 'A liar and a copycat', co-authored by Professor John Dixon of the Open University School of Psychology and Counselling. In this paper, the authors demonstrate in two experiments that lying affects the interactional dynamics and non-verbal behaviour between two people.… Continue reading Nonverbal coordination increases with lie difficulty

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Compassion is for self, not just for others

At a dark point in the year, Dr Kerry Hughes from the School reminds us to attend to self-care, and self-compassion. In this dark time of the year, when Spring is as yet unsprung, as night claims the hours when work has ceased but we are not yet done, remember self-compassion.    When repeated requests for… Continue reading Compassion is for self, not just for others