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We wish you a happy festive season and holiday, and all good fortune for 2021.

As the calendar year ends, the academic year continues - but there is a breathing space! Open University modules pause for two weeks, tutors finally turn away from their computer screens, and in the School the emails and meetings STOP. It's wonderful, though the break is never long enough.  We send this message to all… Continue reading We wish you a happy festive season and holiday, and all good fortune for 2021.

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Managing those family conversations over the holiday…

This strange and difficult year has given rise to conspiracy theories and fake news. In this BBC News article, Dr Jovan Byford from the School offers some advice on how to avoid arguments about them - which may be particularly useful during seasonal family conversations.


An update on recent posts

This is the blog for the School of Psychology and Counselling at the Open University. Catch up on recent posts. RESEARCH David Kaposi on Freud and sexuality Gina di Malta on researching psychotherapy using questionnaires Helen Kaye on autism, school experience and teachers' beliefs Jenny Lynden on research on human-machine interaction… Continue reading An update on recent posts

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Freud and sexuality

In a new article, David Kaposi from the School explores a little known but highly important paper on sexuality by Sigmund Freud. Shall we talk about sex? I can see you are blushing. I am blushing too. Yes, sex seems to be everywhere these days. We cannot go on with our daily lives for long… Continue reading Freud and sexuality

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How have you been affected by the coronavirus? Take part in a survey

Dr Lara Frumkin and colleagues from the School are running a study to examine how people think and respond to the coronavirus situation. They want to hear from a wide range of people. Whether you’ve been directly affected by the virus or not, take 15 minutes to complete their survey, here.