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Stitches and stories: a different kind of research impact

Academic researchers want their research findings to have an effect on the social world: this is referred to as ‘impact’. A short film records an example from the work of academics in the School of Psychology and Counselling, and the School of Arts and Humanities.

In 2018 Prof. John Dixon led the Belfast Mobility Project, a research project to investigate communities and community divisions in Belfast. The findings were recorded in a distinctive map of the city.

Dr Heather Richardson, Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing, in collaboration with Dr Karen Hagan, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, developed and ran an event at which the map was re-made in an unusual medium, bringing together some of the city’s inhabitants to share not only the making but also their experiences of living in Belfast across conventional community divisions.

 You can watch the film here

Read about John Dixon

Read more about Karen Hagan

Read more about Heather Richardson

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