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Introducing the Journal of Social and Political Psychology


We continue to introduce journals on which the School’s academics have editorial roles. Dr Kesi Mahendran is a section editor on the Journal of Social and Political Psychology (JSPP).

Political psychology is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary field drawing together political scientists and (mostly social) psychologists. JSPP itself is a relatively new Open Access journal which has had a great impact in widening the scope of social and political psychology. Its aim is to “substantially advance the understanding of social problems, their reduction, and the promotion of social justice”.

Kesi Mahendran says:

‘I cover anything European Union related and Europe is my geographical area. The journal is very international. 

I cover public narrative, public opinion, public dialogue and public deliberation. Migration, mobilities studies, non-migration and citizenship. My theoretical areas within social and political psychology are social representations, dialogical approaches and more broadly qualitative approaches. 

In practice, however, the allocated articles, may well be slightly broader than the topics above.  

I enjoying editing on the journal because it has an orientation towards diverse theoretical approaches, methods,  and attracts submissions across the globe.’

You can read more about the journal here

Because it’s Open Access, you can read any articles of interest without going through the university library.

Read more about Kesi Mahendran’s work here



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