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Introducing the European Journal of Social Psychology (EJSP)



We continue to introduce journals on which the School’s academics have editorial roles. 

Professor John Dixon and Dr Eleni Andreouli are both Associate Editors of the European Journal of Social Psychology. As members of the Editorial Board, John Dixon and Eleni Andreouli oversee the review and publication process of papers submitted to the journal.

The European Journal of Social Psychologyis a premier international journal for the publication of social psychological research and theory in Europe and internationally. It is the journal of the European Association of Social Psychology ( which serves as a network for the exchange of ideas about the theory, methods and applications of social psychology. The Journal’s mission statement affirms the value of ‘openness”, resonating with the values of both the OU and the School of Psychology and Counselling (see

Students of DD317 and DE200 will find material relevant to their studies in the pages of the Journal. Topics published in the European Journal of Social Psychology include, among others, intergroup relations, group processes, social cognition, attitudes, social influence, self and identity, language and communication as well as cultural and cross-cultural phenomena.

To read the contents lists for recent issues, look at the journal website

Open University staff and students can access EJSP articles through the OU Library.

Read more about Eleni Andreouli’s work here

Read more about John Dixon’s work here




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