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Introducing the journal The Psychology of Women and Equalities Review (POWER)


The School’s academics contribute to academic journals by publishing articles, and also by taking key editorial roles. Today we begin a new series in which we introduce some of the journals.

Dr Lisa Lazard was formerly editor of The Psychology of Women and Equalities Review (POWER). This is a British Psychological Society publication which promotes research on gender and intersectional inequalities. The journal began in the 1990s as a result of the work of a small group of psychologists who worked towards increasing the visibility of feminist research within the discipline. POWER continues this work by showcasing innovative and politically timely research on gender politics.

POWER may be of particular interest to students on modules DE200, DD317 and DD803, and to those who would like to read about recent developments in feminist psychology, gender and inequalities.

To find out more about POWER, look at the contents lists of these recent issues:

Read more about Lisa Lazard’s work here




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