An update on recent posts

Catch up on recent posts on the School blog!


This the blog for the School of Psychology and Counselling at the Open University. The blog presents news about staff and students in the School. It’s a good way to stay in touch with the research of our academics. There are also posts about modules, to share guidance from tutors and other students, and to help you decide what to study.

In recent weeks, the blog has featured

  • advice on how to manage those ambivalent feelings that can occur after you’ve finished a module
  • an introduction to new staff
  • the story of the impressive achievement of a student who developed his End of Module Assignment into a journal article.

Our academics present a psychological perspective on news stories and current issues:

  • Jovan Byford discusses conspiracy theories
  • Wendy Hollway discusses the links between racial justice and climate justice
  • in the area of political psychology, Karen Hagan writes about Jacinda Ardern’s New Zealand government, and Kesi Mahendran considers the responses of different fathers to issues around race and violence
  • Volker Patent offers a psychological view of the recent crowding of Britain’s beaches
  • Paul Stenner reflects on our relationship to our national history, prompted by recent events in Bristol.

There are posts about new and ongoing research in the School.

  • Gini Harrison and Graham Pike have researched the effect of the pandemic on emergency responders
  • Alison Davies presents new research findings about how stillbirth and neonatal deaths affect fathers.

To find past posts on particular modules or topics, you can click on the word cloud at the bottom of the blog. Sign up as a follower if you want notifications of new posts – the blog will continue over the summer.



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