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Finished your module? Find out about the OU’s support services for careers and employability


Catrin Davies is an Open University Careers and Employability Consultant.  She and her colleagues support OU students all over the UK, and in fact all over the world, with their career thinking and actions. She offers some advice and a link to a new Careers and Employability Services Support Pack.

As you reach the end of your module, it’s a good time to take a breath, relax and reflect on your achievements and the progress you’ve made. In careers consultations in 2020, as students and graduates describe what is going on for them, and their emotions, inklings and maybe concrete plans, we’re also hearing that people are feeling unsettled at the unanticipated earlier halt to modules.  We’ve developed an end of module careers support pack to help you re-orientate and explore your next steps, whatever is going on for you.   And as a point of reassurance – people often say in careers consultations that a chance to look straight on at what is less certain, to identify anxieties and fallbacks, to reconsider what inspires and motivates them, and what matters to them, is oddly motivating.

Being proud of your personal development, progressing towards a career goal, or just feeling relieved to have made it to the end of your module despite a bump in the road – these are all part of the OU experience. As life changes, so might your thoughts on potential career choices. You may be at the point where you’re re-assessing your options for study or choosing your next module.  Maybe you’re starting to explore your career ideas or you’re discovering what it will take to make them happen, and wondering about stepping stones. You might be ready to apply for opportunities, looking at a change of direction for the next stage of life or feeling stuck and uncertain.

If you’re not yet sure what your next steps are, – or you were sure, but they’ve changed – the OU Careers and Employability Services are here to support you.

Take a look at our new pack

This will help you reflect, explore and take action on your next steps.

Good luck!!!!

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