An update on recent posts


Catch up on recent posts on the School blog!

Academics from the School of Psychology and Counselling have been researching the major issues that are currently confronting all of us

  • David Jones writes about the death of George Floyd, and the Black Lives Matter movement (George Floyd: The Shameful Psychosocial Dynamics of ‘Race’, Violence and Hatred)
  • David Kaposi writes about Covid 19 (The Covid 19 pandemic as a liminal hotspot)
  • Sue Nieland writes about the impact of Covid on the elderly (They’re killing my participants!)
  • Members of CuSP presented at a virtual conference (The Psychology of Global Crises).

The blog introduces new research in the School.

  • Lara Frumkin and a colleague have been investigating prejudice within the criminal justice system (Bias against witnesses?)
  • Sandra Roper and Rose Capdevila have researched stepmothering (What is means to be a stepmother)
  • John Dixon and colleagues have studied the ‘peace walls’ in Belfast (When the walls come tumbling down?)
  • Eleni Andreouli and colleagues present research on sexual citizenship (Sexual citizenship: a crucial social psychological issue)
  • Lisa Lazard, Catriona Havard and Rose Capdevila have contributed to a film about ‘sharenting‘ (A film about sharenting: Are you sharing too much online?)
  • Graham Pike and Camilla Elphick report on new research about eyewitnesses (Using the eyes of eyewitnesses?)
  • Karen Hagan is studying bullying (With us or against us? New research directions)
  • John Dixon has revisited classic research on group processes (With us or against us? New research directions).

Want some insights into your next module? Find blog posts about modules by clicking the module code or title in the ‘tags’ cloud, or use ‘Search’ to find the module code OR A tutor’s view OR Winter postcard.


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